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Generics bulletin

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The 46 weekly Generics bulletin newsletters are available:

  • Online for desktop and mobile device, including a searchable archive

  • 46 optional hard-copy print editions, delivered by airmail




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Subscription details

Generics bulletin – All annual subscriptions comprise 46 online newsletter editions in desktop and mobile formats; and a searchable archive of more than 100 back editions dating back over five years. 46 optional hard-copy print editions are also available, delivered by airmail.

Generics bulletin is published weekly on Fridays in most months, but less frequently in January, July, August and December.

Generics bulletin subscription Terms and Conditions.


OTC bulletin – An annual subscription comprises 20 newsletter editions and 45 weekly news@otcbulletin newsflashes containing the week's top news stories, delivered by email.

The 20 OTC bulletin newsletters are available as the digital OTC bulletin-i online for desktop and mobile device OR in hard-copy print format, delivered by airmail.

OTC bulletin is published twice a month in most months, but once a month in January, July, August and December.

news@otcbulletin is published 45 times a year, weekly in most months, but less frequently in January, July, August and December.

OTC bulletin subscription Terms and Conditions.